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bwGRiD portal template 3.6 (teamwork function, file editor)

bwGRiD Portal Template 3.5 (hardware features, working with large files, job mail function)

bwGRiD portal template 3.4 (Dacapo clone, resource monitor)  

final bwGRiD portal projekt meeting in Karlsruhe  

bwGRiD portal template 3.3 (security manager, JobListTag)  

bwGRiD portal template 3.1 (file manager update)  

bwGRiD portal template 3.0 (meta submit system)  


March/April 2013
bwGRiD portal template 4.0 (migration to Liferay)

Projects using Gatlet

Currently the Gatlet library is the foundation of two major projects:

  • The bwGRiD portal project developed by the portal team in Ulm together with the universities of Tuebingen, Freiburg and Mannheim, the High performance computing center Stuttgart (HLRS) and the Karlsruhe Institut of technology (KIT). The Baden-Württemberg Grid (bwGRiD) is part of the D-Grid initiative providing large computational resources for science and research within Baden-Württemberg. Gatlet is one of the building blocks that should result in an easy to use graphical web interface for accessing the bwGRiD compute resources. The bwGRiD portal partners contribute interface portlets providing access for several software components covering the areas chemistry, biology, medicine, mathematics and engineering. You can access a temporary version of the portal via